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Review: Tigers of the Temple

Ben Kendall 2011-10-24

Pusterviksbaren – October 22. As the first groans of live music reach the downstairs bar, we head up to check out Gothenburg six piece Tigers of the Temple. They have opened with the catchy Mental Walks, the only song you can find on their Myspace page.

After the first few tunes it is clear that these guys have a good sound. For the most part, three guitars and a bass create a big indie sound, while some impressive beats are bashed out by the band’s drummer. The occasional violin is a great addition and the cruisey melodic vocals of their singer/guitarist are easy on the ear.

Excluding a "slowey" and the epic finale, the tempo is consistent throughout. Visually, there isn’t too much happening on the stage, but the tunes are impressive.

I am not sure if the strong crowd is here for the band’s LP release-fest or for American headliners Ganglians. Regardless, in my opinion the local youngsters stole the show. If you are a fan of indie-rock, they are a local band to look out for.

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