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White Guide award to Puta Madre

Ben Kendall 2012-03-06

Image:B. Kendall

Puta Madre, a Mexican restaurant with a controversial name, received a prestigious White Guide award in Stockholm on Monday evening. It won the prize for Sweden's best setting and atmosphere.

The White Guide Gala is held in connection with the launch of this year's White Guide, a guide to Sweden's best restaurants and bars. This year around 900 restaurants and 90 bars were assessed by the judges nationwide.

While a number of Gothenburg restaurants such as Kock & Vin, 28+, Gabriel and Thornströms Kök were among the nominees, Putre Madre was the only local winner. In particular, the judges were impressed by the restaurant's "skilfully implemented velvet draped setting", which transport you back in time.

Avalon, Familjen and Puta Madre were among the eight nominees in the best bar category.

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1. Food is not good OS 2012-03-06


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