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"I'll take that jacket"

Linda Genborg 2009-01-09

A couple of days ago we asked for your funniest or strangest Sweden experiences so far... this is what Grant Hamer sent us:

"I understand that in winter with all those big jackets, a restaurant or bar may need a cloak room - it could get out of control otherwise. But upon arrival in Gothenburg in spring I thought it was comical that at a bar/restaurant, a friend of mine was required to pay 20 kr for her jacket.

She had managed to sit down before the bouncer had spotted her and he literally hunted her down -. "I'll take that jacket, 20 kr" (or something along those lines in Swedish). And her jacket was little more than a spray jacket that would have almost fit in her handbag."

Send us your stories too!

What's your funniest Sweden experience?

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