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Eroica - dance performance at the Gothenburg Opera

Oana Georgescu 2010-12-17

Image:Mats Bäcker

Review - December 16. Highly suggestive and innovative, Eroica provides a very modern interpretation of Beethoven. The choreography leaves much room for personal interpretation and sometimes the music takes over the whole performance.

The ballet is based on Beethoven's symphony number three and inspired by the Heiligenstadt Testament, written by the musician himself as he was losing his hearing. Feelings of helplessness, affliction and despair are translated into expressive movements, and reach through during the whole show. However, there are certain moments when the dance is reduced to a minimum. The symphony itself is very powerful and the dance takes a secondary place.

The show is divided in two parts, different in terms of music, length and intensity. The first one is about 20 minutes long and offers a quite reserved interpretation of the Piano Sonata no 8 in C minor (Pathétique). The choreography is moderate to a certain extent whereas Swedish pianist Roland Pöntinen offers a divine performance during this part. The second part of the show, almost double the length of the first, is more lively and richer in terms of visuals. Simplistic light installations and video projections enrich the performance but they can sometimes take away the focus from the dancers. Very good choice of costumes!

Eroica will be performed on the main stage at Gothenburg Opera from the 18th of December 2010 until the 11th of January 2011.

Music by Ludwig van Beethoven and interpreted by Roland Pöntinen and The Gothenburg Opera Orchestra.
Choreography by Örjan Andersson and Lukáš Timulak.

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