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GD@WOW: Prince the new King of Slottsskogen

Ben Kendall 2011-08-13


"I love you baby. Even more than I love my hair."

Expectations are a funny thing. When they are extremely high, more often than not you are left disappointed.

I just finished watching the entire collection of the Sopranos. I wasn't disappointed. Prince was no different.

A projected love symbol in wavering water provides the backdrop for the empty stage. The purple man is running late. 15 minutes passes and a shaved-headed lady enters the stage throwing what looks like t-shirts into the crowd. The time is near and the huge crowd knows it.

The funky mostly female band enters. They are soon followed by a fresh and fit looking 53-year-old legend. Wearing a full-length robe he coolly makes his way towards the monstrous crowd, presents himself and they erupt. He grabs his telecaster and the spectacle begins. He dishes out hit after hit and the crowd can't stop dancing.

"Nobody does it like Prince."

Purple rain marks the end of the first set - it's killer. The emotion-filled epic has the crowd singing along with every word. And just as Prince rips into his guitar solo, purple confetti fills the sky. Again the crowd of probably 30-odd thousand erupts.

He soon returns, this time in a pair of white flares and a white vest/tank top. The hits continue and so does the party. It climaxes with around 60 people from the crowd joining Prince and co onstage. Out from the crowded stage emerges a jeans and hoodie wearing rapper with microphone in hand - it's Kanye West! The set ends and once again the crowd goes crazy.

The show is not over. Another encore awaits.

Prince is amazing. He shreds on the guitar, has a killer voice, dances like James Brown and Michael Jackson and has the energy of a 20-year-old - again he's 53. Most impressive of all is his ability to engage the audience. He loves the crowd and they love him. In total he plays for well over two hours and captivates the crowd throughout.

Fan or no fan, seeing Prince live should be your on bucket-list.

Rating: 5/5

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