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GD@WOW: Pulp return in fine form

Ben Kendall 2011-08-14

Image:L. Genborg

British band Pulp last performed in Gothenburg in 1996, during their glory days. This time in, young and old gather to check out the reformed rockers.

Likeable and ironic frontman Jarvis Cocker is in fine form. His vocals are strong and he gives his all as he struts around the stage with his legendary kooky dance moves. Between songs, his witty banter adds a nice touch.

Excluding an impressive guitar solo by Mark Webber during Sunrise, the band play second-fiddle to an animated Cocker. But with thumping drums and prominent bass, they are tight, loud and show no signs of a long hiatus.

The set is strong throughout and highlights include the clap-a-thon Razzmatazz, the catchy Disco 2000 and crowd-favourite and set closer Common People.

Rating: 4/5

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