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Review: Graveyard

Bjarke Smithmeyer 2011-03-24

Nefertiti - March 23. One would not be ridiculed for thinking a time portal to the 70s had opened at the entrance to the Nefertiti Club last night in Gothenburg. The red brick walls and gloomy lighting delivered an atmosphere of an outlaw underground lair, in which the rebels of society could seek refuge and comfort.

Men and women slowly seeped into the red brick room, and flooded the open space around the main stage with heavy eyes fixed on the empty platform in front of them.

All were fashioned with the same outfit. Their tight jeans, long untamed hair and retro slogan t-shirts brandishing rebellious sentiments against the state, made it impossible to tell people apart from one another.

Then, as if four individuals simply stepped out of the crowd, ‘Graveyard' emerged.

The music that followed was truly psychedelic. A blend between Led Zeppelin's explosive rock 'n' roll and the coarse vocal screams of The Kings of Leon, produced a high energy sound that quickly became infectious. Within minutes most of the bystanders were hanging their heads and swinging their hair in true 1970s style.

What made Graveyard unique was their ability to suddenly break from their musical intensity, to then produce a piece of soul searching blues that even B. B. King would be proud to call his own.

Despite the gig being relatively short, it was by all means sweet and highly enjoyable.

Rating: 5/5

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