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Review: Simian Ghost

Richard Sherwin 2012-03-12

Parken - March 8. Simian Ghost are a band whose star is definitely on the rise. Following on from the glowing plaudits they received here in Sweden for their 2010 debut Infinite Traffic Everywhere, their second album Youth, released this month, has received rave reviews from big publications in the UK such as The Times, The Guardian and NME. I may be forgiven then for expecting a busy Parken tonight, full of expectant music lovers keen to see what all the fuss is about, as we have seen often in this venue however, the turnout disappoints.

Those who have made the journey are treated to a sparkling set by one of Sweden's brightest acts, Sebastian Amström's songs are full of shimmering dreamy melodies, combining playful electronic elements with a bright guitar sound. It is easy to get lost in melodies this strong, songs such as ‘Wolf Girl' and ‘Curtain Call' displaying much of what good pop music should be. Upon hearing last years superb single ‘Bicycle Theme', it made me wonder how this song did not become a radio fixture here in Sweden.

I would say with confidence that the next time Simian Ghost are in town, there will not be too many unsold tickets, an album as good as Youth should see to that. When they do return, they will probably try to avoid Parken however, live music lovers are out there in this town, but they seem to avoid this venue at all costs.

This review was published in collaboration with the music blog In My Kitchen

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