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Review: This Wide Night by Chloë Moss

Oana Georgescu 2011-04-13

Image:Per-Anders Karlsson

Two women who used to share the same cell in prison meet again in the outside world. Marie is taken by surprise when her ex cellmate Lorraine shows up unexpectedly. The friendship built inside cannot look the same on the outside, especially as Marie is confused and doesn't know how to cope with her new found freedom. Life outside is not an easy thing and a difficult past makes it even harder. Both Marie and Lorraine have personal issues to deal with and their friendship is the only thing they can hang on to.

This Wide Night addresses friendship in less than usual circumstances. Two women with a harsh past and an uncertain future try to keep it together when having nothing but each other. Moreover, the context has changed and it is questionable whether they will still make it together the same way as they did in prison. The relationship between the two is complex and swings constantly between deep affection and obvious irritation, both expressed in a colourful language of two ex prisoners. The play outlines a complete picture of friendship in a hard time situation that manages to awake a whole range of emotions from loud laughter to sighs and tears.

The Gothenburg English Speaking Theater has managed to prove its high standards once again through the outstanding performance of Zahra Ahmadi and Sandy Walsh.

This Wide Night was inspired by true stories told by female prisoners. The play was first commissioned and presented by Clean Break at the Soho Theatre London in July 2008. A tour in the UK followed, and the play also performed in women's prisons in the UK in September - October 2008. This Wide Night premiered in Gothenburg, Hagateatern, on April 12 and will run until May 7

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