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Gothenburg's best walks

Linda Genborg 2010-05-29

Göteborg Daily's panelists offer their best tips for a weekend stroll.

My favourite walk right now is to follow the main waterside esplanade between Eriksberg and Lindholmen. There are a few hidden jewels along the way, in spring it's really nice to walk up amongst the beautiful villas on Slottssberget. The gardens are in full bloom and the scent of lilacs fills the air.

Also, just to the left of the Eriksberg crane (towards the bridge), there is a beautiful little park called Färjenäsparken, here you can actually find a few ruins (housegrounds) from early Gothenburg!

Änggården Nature Reserve, which is located behind the Botanical Gardens is an excellent spot for a walk. There are a number of tracks that take you through the forest and the rocky hills, plus there are fantastic views of the city and not so many people. It's impossible to get lost as you always have the city as a reference point. We sometimes start in the Botanical Gardens and access the reserve from there.

If you rather walk where there are lots of people around, Röda Sten is also a nice walking area beside the river. 

My favorite place to take a walk here in Gothenburg is by Lindholmen Science Park. There you can walk along the dock by Göta Älv from Lindholmen to Eriksberg. It's a 20-30 min walk. During the night you can see a beautiful view of Gothenburg City on the other side of Göta Älv. Then when you start getting close to Erikberg you can see Älvsborgsbron lighted up in the dark. Its a great view and when the weather is comfortable this walk is really nice.

I love walking in my section of town up on the hill in Överås park overlooking Ullevi! NOT to be missed: free seats on the hillside in the Summer with the big concerts they have in Ullevi.

Haga is a great walk. Getting inebraited in Slottsskogen by the lake and checking out the zoo. The area between Domkrykan and NK for shopping!

I'm a big fan of waterfronts. Göteborg doesn't use its water as much as it should, but if you head over to Hisingen, you can find your way to Kvilletorget and walk along the newly developed stretch there. There's a few cafés and bars, mostly upmarket-ish. If you want to stay on the city side, head up to Röda Sten (Majorna) and walk back past Klippan all the way to town. There's a boring stretch as you go past the Stena Line terminal, but you can cut across to Masthugget and finish up with a coffee (or, of course, a beer) on Haga Nygata or Linnégatan.

Otherwise a stroll down from the Saluhallen at Kungstorget across to Haga through the park along the canal, up past Masthugget and the Masthuggskyrkan to Majorna, then back to Linnégatan through Slottsskogen. It's a pretty solid walk, but a nice one, and it gives you a pretty good look in, around and over the town.

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