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Tips for a weekend getaway

Linda Genborg 2011-07-28

If a weekend getaway is in order, Göteborg Daily's panel gives us their best suggestions.

We like to take the kids to Varberg, Falkenberg and Halmstad. They are only 40 to 90 minutes south of Gothenburg and have some long sandy beaches. The towns themselves are also worth a visit. If you have at least 2-3 days, the forests and lakes in Värmland are great. Our friends have country houses there and this is where we head for swimming, canoeing, fishing, walking and picking berries and mushrooms.

A trip to the archipelago. There are assorted methods to getting there, or up the Bohuslän coastline. My husband's family is from Lysekil and the whole drive up and the nearby villages are exquisite Swedish fishing villages and a real treat for any newbie or visitor.

For a nice daytrip from Gothenburg, I would suggest packing a picnic and heading to one of the lakes around the town, or onto one of the islands. It might not be quite the mission that 'daytrip' suggests, but it does feel like you're a million miles away out there. Tip: if you want to go on a Sunday, remember to buy your beverages the day before (and even then before 3pm) or you'll be in for a very thirsty day indeed.

Take a ferry ride out to Vrångö and go for walk around the island or go for a trip up along the coast to Orust and Tjörn. The island Marstrand is beautiful and easy to get to. Gunnebo Slott in Härryda is a nice inland option. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a lake. It's a nice place to go to all year-round. Another idea is to take the train to Lerum and the lake Aspen.

If time allows I would like to spend a weekend getaway in Strömstad, which is a coastal village north of Gothenburg, around two hours away by car. There the nature and the sea are very beautiful and peaceful. You can take the boat around the islands and there are plenty of good restaurants downtown for the night. In Strömstad they also have a big Spa hotel, it's a very nice place to stay over for some well deserved rest.

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Tips for a weekend getaway

If a weekend getaway is in order, Göteborg Daily's panel gives us their best suggestions.


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