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Court of Appeal: 16 years prison for Elin murder

Linda Genborg 2011-08-01

16 years in prison. The Court of Appeal will not change the ruling of Gothenburg's District Court for the murder of 27-year-old Elin Krantz. Ephrem Yohannes will be sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder.

Elin's father Ove Krantz is relieved that the legal aftermath seems to be over. He told GP:

- It's good but it doesn't change anything for us as a family. We still have our sorrow. This is not something that heals within a year. We take one day at a time.

The family had hoped for some sort of explanation from Ephrem Yohannes. But he still claims he is innocent.

Ephrem Yohannes was also charged with aggravated rape. But as in the District Court, the Court of Appeal also rules that only attempted rape can be proved. And the crime is seen as "a step in the intentional killing". The legal consequence of this is that the attempted rape is "consumed by the murder."

The so-called penalty value of the offence is 18 years, which is the longest fixed-term sentence in Sweden. But as in the ruling of the District Court, Ephrem Yohannes is given a two-year "discount" due to his following expulsion from Sweden.

Prosecutor Stina Lundqvist had called for a life sentence.

- I think it has been proved that he committed a rape and I think he should have a more severe sentence. At the same time I'm satisfied with the big picture - that Yohannes is sentenced and will be deported. (cited in GP).

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