One of the first things you need to do after moving to Sweden is getting a mobile plan. It’s necessary and important. Not only to call and talk to people or authorities but also  to use the smartphones other functions such as map, translator, (currency) calculator and many other things. It’s also easy to get started – you can buy a sim card in a shop and start calling and using data immediately. You can buy prepaid sim cards without passport or identity card even though the Swedish government plans to stop this in the near future because of the high crime rates.

Nowdays Sweden has four national mobile network operators, they are Telia, Telenor, Tele2, and Tre, but Telenor and Tele2 share networks. When it comes to virtual operators there a plenty to choose from. Some of them are aimed towards students or elder people and at least one is targeted towards immigrants who want to call back to their home countries cheaply.

Together in cooperation with the site who are experts in comparing and choosing the right mobile plan, called mobilabonnemang in Sweden. We also gathered information from, a leading new site about mobile communication – we have ranked the best in class mobile operators in Sweden.

Find the best mobile operator in Sweden:

Overall best:

  • Hallon – Cheap and simple to use, and no contract period whatsoever. A clear winner.


  • Fello – Cheapest of them all, and still good customer service.

Best to call-back home:

  • Comviq – Want to call your parents or rest of family back home ? The this is the mobile operator to do it with. Every plan they have has free minutes for calls abroad.


Best movile operator in Sweden