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Six-hour workday positive so far

Melanie Fornander 2015-02-26

The six-hour working day trial has nearly reached its one month milestone at the Svartedalens elderly home in Gothenburg and both residents and employees are pleased with the results so far, according to local media.

The employees at the elderly home are taking part in a trial where they work six hours a day at the same pay as a standard eight hour day. And despite being only a few weeks into the program they seem to be noticing a difference.

“I think that it has been just as I hoped for. It has become calmer and nice and you have more energy during your free time and you are more awake at work,” said Jennie Anttila, a nurse at the home, to local broadcaster SVT Västnytt.

The experiment scheme was put in place to test whether these changes can lessen the number of sick days being taken by staff and to create a better working environment for the employees. It is still too early to draw any conclusions on improvements on absentees but the welfare of the workers appears to be improving, according to the manager of Svartadalens elderly home, Ann-Charlotte Dahlbom.

“I think it’s really great. Overall in the workplace it is quite pressured, that is why I think this is a good model to work towards. People are going to have the energy to do more which means that we hopefully have better health,” she told the broadcaster.

The trial will cost up to 6 million kronor to finance and will be taken from a central budget, according to local newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.

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