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A sing-along affair: Harry and the Potters

Ben Kendall 2010-08-07

Sinnet - August 6. On their homepage, the duo Paul and Joe DeGeorge say that they always try to make their shows unique and unexpected experiences - on Friday night at Sinnet, that it was!

Armed with an acoustic guitar and xylophone, the pair played unplugged to an audience of devout fans that sang along to pretty much every song throughout the show. And the audience weren't just in front of them - 16 fans stood on the stage behind Paul and Joe forming an unrehearsed singing and dancing troupe.

At times it was cult-like as happy teens sang arm-in-arm "Hagrid is full of love (in Swedish)" and "we will fight for you Dumbledore". And at times slightly bizarre, as the band talked magic and the crowd made snake and cat noises. But, overall it was light-hearted, lots of fun and definitely unique.

The show finished on a high with around 60 people joining Paul and Joe on-stage once again singing "Hagrid is full of love" - amongst others.

Unacquainted with the Harry Potter series, I'm inspired to finally read the books.

Rating: 3/5

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