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Review: M.I.A

L. Genborg & B. Kendall 2010-08-14

Way out West - August 13. M.I.A was the headline act of the first day. And what a show. Lasers, futuristic visuals, a gospel choir in M.I.A burqas, raving dancers. It's smart, political, crazy, contemporary and a raging party. All in all, very M.I.A.

After a slightly too long intro DJ set, M.I.A finally enters the stage in jeans, sparkling flanell shirt, a trenchcoat and pink sunnies. The show starts at full speed and continues like that until the final Paper planes. The laser lights flowed over the audience, the dancers were going crazy, and M.I.A is in the middle of it all, chaotic but in full control.

Carried by a security guard, M.I.A ventured out well into the audience more than once where she sang amongst her fans. The vocals weren't always perfect, but surrounded by a sea of arms and being held in the air, I don't think anyone was disappointed.

Rating: 4/5

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