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Review: New Found Land

Ryan Cook 2010-11-14

Album - The Bell. This album is more uplifting and summery than the burning smell of factor 2 coconut oil covered flesh. From the first twangs of steel drums on album opener and title track (which I have not been able to stop listening to I might add) The Bell, the album takes you on a whistle stop tour of love, love lost and card games through June to September. The luscious harmonies that grace most songs are beautiful to say the least. Foul has a heartfelt edge to it that is sure to help end any matrimonial argument and could even help Tiger and Elin fall in love again.

Human the first single from this debut long player has the lot, a touch of Super Mario-esq 8-bit keys, harmonies sweeter than a bottle of Crème de menthe and a beat that'll have every ipod listening street walker bouncing along like they'd been sprinkling their morning bran flakes with a mix of morphine and horse tranquilisers.

The Cardigans-esq Stay with Me is enough to make any member of the North Korean government weep such is the tenderness of it, even the inclusion of a sax (normally enough to ruin a song) doesn't put the dampers on it. And the Yeasayer wonkiness of Carve out my Heart is a nice twist halfway through the album, nicely changing pace and setting up the second half of the album to continue in the same brilliant vein.

A Storage Plan leans more to the ‘typical' end of the band scale, but still manages to keep individuality typical of the band, mainly due to the steel section which is so constant and uplifting throughout the album.

I can't speak highly enough about this album, it is one of my favs of the year so far! Hell this album has even made me reconsider my distain and hatred for Reggae music! Oh no wait, it's back again!

Rating: 4.5/5

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