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Review: The Bitter and Sick and Die Alones

Ben Kendall 2010-10-11

Sinnet - October 9. This Gothenburg two-piece with their emotion-filled folk rock is a damn good band. Neat finger-picked acoustic guitar is combined with a voice that goes from silky smooth to Tom Waits gravel (Christoffer Johansson, guitar/vocals).

Then there are the drums. The unconventional (I could see a shoe on top of his kit) but impressive beats of Emanuel Svensson are a big part of their sound and help set the mood. If you are into happy pop, this band's not for you. Their songs are often dark and some of them are almost ten minutes long.

Throughout the set I didn't hear a bad song and personal highlights were Hurt is all I get and the opener Didn't turn out the way I planned.

Rating: 4/5

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