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Meet the Göteborg Daily panel


We've put together a mixed bunch of internationals to guide you through the Gothenburg summer.

My name is Hugh Nicholas. I'm an ex-Sydney kid who followed his wonderful woman across several time zones to be here. It's not the most original story, I know, but it's true.

I've been in good ol' Göteborg just over a year and am just beginning to feel at home; I don't hide that it took a little while, but it really has grown on me.

I'm 30 years old and am about to embark on a great new adventure with the opening of Sinnet, a café, shop and venue in Majorna. Good people, good music and (when we get the machine plugged in) good coffee! Stop by some time and say hello.

Karen Rowland: I am originally from New York City where I was a clothing designer for 25 years. I moved to Gothenburg when I married my Swedish husband - who I met while I was designing in India. He had family here- I had very little family- so I moved to him. I am currently enjoying life as an entrepreneur -to-be...... trying to get into place a store chain set-up for apparel and clothing that I hope to launch in the next year or so. I have been here in G'borg a bit over a year.

Carlos Medina: I came to Sweden 22 years ago as a refugee from Chile. I have a Swedish wife, Maria, and 3 children aged 10 months to 6 years, Alexander, Linnea and Leo. I studied Marine Biology at the University of Gothenburg and in recent years I have worked as a science/mathematics teacher in Uddevalla, and as an aquarist/marine biologist at Universeum.

My name is Yining Wang, I am raised in Sweden but my heritage is Chinese, so my personality is a mixture of Swedish and Chinese culture. Right now I am a third year student at the Handelshögskolan in Gothenburg. I have been in Gothenburg for about three years now and I came here from northern Sweden to study business. I'm also the founder of Misi.se, a student network for international students.

My name is Cristina Fröbergh. I grew up in Lycksele, a small village in northern Sweden. I moved to Gothenburg 35 years ago for love and work. I have two daughters in their 20s and I work with pre-school children as a special pedagogue in Majorna. I like to spend my time entertaining friends and family, going to shows, being out in the nature and of course having fika.

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