You have applied and been accepted; you are moving to Gothenburg! Your next step most likely involves the search for accommodation. It can be difficult, but definitely not impossible.

A good idea is to start early. This gives you plenty of time to find something, and the queuing system in Gothenburg is organized so that the longer you are registered in the queue, the higher you move up the list.

You can read more about Chalmers’ accommodation services here.

The University of Gothenburg offers housing to a limited number of exchange students. There are deadlines before each semester so make sure you apply in good time. Find out more about their housing services here.

Students that are not guaranteed housing from the universities can still apply for student accommodation.
Göteborg Daily has collected a few links that will help you on your way: is a website targeting international students and it collaborates with both the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers. Students who go abroad for one semester can rent out their empty rooms to incoming students.

Chalmers Studentbostäder offers accommodation close to either the main Chalmers campus in the city or the new campus on Lindholmen. The website also has a section for subletting and offers lots of useful information in English.

SGS Studentbostäder offers accommodation in several parts of the city to students in Gothenburg. The website provides detailed information of how to register and apply for apartments.

Guldhedens studiehem offers accommodation to a small group of students in centrally located Guldheden. The home is based on Christian values; it does not require that all students who live there are Christian, but they have to respect the home’s religious foundation. The home also has a no alcohol and drugs policy.

Boplats Göteborg is the main portal for rental housing in Gothenburg. Together with the universities Boplats has set up a special section for international students. The section lists student apartments from Chalmers Studenbostäder (SGS has their own queue), and also lists private rooms in the Gothenburg region that can be let by international students. It is also possible to apply for subletting and first-hand contracts through Boplats. But your best options are probably to look for a room in a private home, subletting or sharing an apartment with other students.

There are a number of websites where you can find accommodation in the way of private rooms, share-houses and sublet apartments. These can be very good, but just remember to be careful and observant so you don’t become the victim of a scam. is an online marketplace and very popular in Sweden. It is possible to find private rooms, a share-house or sublet apartment here. Blocket tries to minimize the risks by providing links with useful tips for tenants and leasers. The links are published on all apartment ads. Their advice include:

– Never pay a deposit before you have seen the apartment and signed a contract.
– Double check that the rent is reasonable.
– Verify that the apartment is at the disposal of the renter and that the renter has obtained a permission to sublet.

Blocket also uses a service called internetgirot, which is developed to prevent scams. Deposits and payments are paid to the service’s bankgiro, and the money isn’t transferred into the leaser’s bank account until the tenant has been able to see the apartment. is another site where you can find sublets, share houses and rooms in private homes. You have to become a member in order to apply for apartments. includes accommodation options for students all over Sweden. is a website for subletting. is primarily a site for apartment exchanges but it also features ads for subletting and private rooms.

It is of course also a good idea to use social media in your search for accommodation. Make sure your contacts on Facebook and Twitter know that you are looking for somewhere to live.

There are also Facebook groups where housing is sometimes advertised. Two examples in English are Find accommodation in Goteborg! and GBG Student Housing Search.

When you apply for an apartment or room, spend some time on your application letter. Present yourself in a positive and honest way. What would a landlord want to know? Be clear and precise, have a polite tone and show that you are responsible and serious. Think about what would make you a good tenant.